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“Enter a world of timeless elegance and iconic Italian beauty. Our Bel Paese is where dreams come alive amidst rolling vineyards, historic towns, and sun-kissed shores.”

The Start of Your Journey in the
Bel paese

At Spadafora Realty, we understand the allure of Italy’s rich heritage and we deeply believe that quality stands parallel with specialization. 

We’re not the biggest real estate agency, but we are the preferred option for foreign buyers and investors who seek a customized experience and advisory throughout their Real Estate Journey in Italy.

Our specialization goes beyond merely presenting properties to clients, we tailor visions. Before presenting a selection of properties, we work on the most important subject: you. We tap into your dreams and desires, moulding them from a hazy vision into a crystal clear and vivid plan that can be realized. Then, we start the solid work of connecting you with your dream home. A home that encapsulates all your passions and ambitions for a property abroad.

Thanks to our differentiation and boutique quality service we’ve helped more than 300 foreigners buyers secure their dream home in Italy in less than 3 years. We’ve become the best available option on the market for buying property in Italy.

Our Services

Real Estate Investing

From Real Estate deals to tax incentives, investing in Italian properties is one of the most profitable investments one can make. Do it wisely with our expertise…

Property Finding

North, South, East, or West? Where do you yearn to be? Whether it’s the mountains, city, sea, or country, don’t underestimate your toughest questions. Make your decisions simple with us.

Property Listing

Thanks to our tailor-made services and vast portfolio of serious buyers, your property will sell at the best price on the market and in the lowest amount of time. Guaranteed.

“The name ‘Spadafora’ is not just a surname; it’s a legacy. Stemming from the prestigious Spadafora royal family of Sicily, every endeavor of Spadafora Realty exudes a sense of aristocracy, complemented by an impeccable standard of service.

While the world changes, some traditions remain, and for Spadafora Realty, it’s about upholding the values of its royal ancestry while catering to the contemporary needs of its clientele.”

Our Story

Spadafora Realty, formerly known as Invest in Italy, was founded in 2020 with the mission of streamlining the buying process for foreign buyers and investors in Italy. The combination of language barriers, property misrepresentation, and Italian bureaucracy that endures today impedes the smooth transition of real estate for many foreign buyers.

After living in eight different countries working in asset management and real estate development, Matteo Spadafora wanted his home country and those eager to claim a piece of la dolce vita to benefit from the expertise he gained abroad. He understood the significance for investors of capitalizing on the country’s infinite potential for real estate investment and development.

Joined by his wife, Heather whose southern American charm adds unique perspective and insight for foreign buyers, the duo have formed an incredible team to serve buyers and sellers throughout Italy’s 20 regions.

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Discover the Secrets of Italy

A unique free resource that will make you an Italy expert in a matter of minutes

8 Tips Everyone Should Know when buying a property in Italy.

By Matteo Berloffa Spadafora

Italy offers a rich cultural heritage and boasts diverse climates, cuisine, and geographic landscapes across its 20 regions. Investing in Italian real estate is advantageous beyond just its lifestyle factors, and extends to tax benefits, market appreciation, and the incredible deals on historic estates that cannot be found anywhere else.

Buying a property in Italy as a foreigner is a straightforward process with the right guidance. Spadafora Realty offers expertise in navigating the complex real estate market and legal system, from the initial search to the final purchase and beyond.

Obtaining a mortgage in Italy as a foreign buyer is indeed possible. There are only a few banks in the country who grant mortgages to non-residents and Spadafora Realty will help you facilitate this process.

A real estate agency works with both buyers and sellers to list and sell properties, while a property finder will as its name implies assist buyers in locating properties listed with agencies.  

The main difference between the two is that real estate agencies are licensed professionals who perform all the fiduciary responsibilities for the transaction in accordance with the Italian Civil Code, and in turn charge a commission. By law, property finders are not permitted to claim a commission and therefore charge a separate, additional fee for their services.

A buyer’s agreement ensures that both parties, the buyer and Spadafora Realty, are committed to the buyer’s goals and interests in securing real estate in Italy. It clarifies the terms of service, fees, and the scope of work.

The buyer’s agreement is needed for the Real Estate Agency to work freely knowing that the client has serious intentions to proceed.

Each buyer’s unique lifestyle factors and goals for their investment play a role in determining the best Italian region. Popular choices include well-known regions like Tuscany, Lombardy, Puglia, and Sicily due to their unique blend of culture, beauty, and investment opportunities.

Read about each Italian region on our website, and schedule a call with us for a clear vision on where is best for you!

Some municipalities offer properties for 1 euro to revitalize rural areas, but these come with hefty renovation conditions and set timelines, according to the municipality where the property is located. In most cases, Spadafora Realty encourages buyers to purchase profitable investment opportunities that do not require structural renovations.

Italy offers various tax incentives for high-net worth individuals, retirees, self-employed professionals, and exemptions on capital gain taxes and property taxes. To learn more about these benefits, contact us today!

Spadafora Realty is a comprehensive real estate agency that offers tailored services for foreign buyers in Italy. It actively consults buyers and investors on the property market, analyzes potential acquisitions, bridges the language barrier, and liaises with multiple agencies to find the perfect property for each client. Spadafora Realty seamlessly provides all the work of a property finder with the professional duties of a licensed real estate agency.

Spadafora Realty is a team of licensed real estate agents and mortgage brokers who assist buyers and sellers with every stage of the real estate transaction. In the majority of cases, our expertise include that of a lawyer, as we untangle complicated situations with the city, land registry, or third party preemptive rights, such as with the Fine Arts.

We work intricately with Italian notaries who are required for every real estate transaction in the country, and perform the duties of a lawyer, title officer, notary public, and escrow officer.

Should any extraordinary situation arise beyond our scope or that of the notary, Spadafora Realty will introduce clients to a lawyer.

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