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Protect Your Deposit on Your Property Purchase in Italy​

When purchasing property in Italy, it's crucial to navigate the earnest money deposit accurately to avoid hefty taxes and potential deal breakers. Generally, buyers pay a 10% deposit of the property's...

Why you Should Transcribe the Preliminary Agreement

Securing your dream home in Italy involves understanding the crucial role of the preliminary agreement or "compromesso." This legally binding contract outlines the purchase price and terms of the...

Avoid Risks and Tax Fines on Your New Property in Italy

Italy's trending 1 euro property initiative, frequently highlighted in media outlets and shows like HGTV's "My Big Italian Adventure," has prompted many to ask about the legitimacy of such deals...

11 Unforgettable Beach Destinations for a Summer Holiday in Italy

Italy's pristine beaches, each with its own unique charm, have become even more famous due to frequent mentions on global media platforms. Notably, several towns across Italy offer properties for just...

Ever Wonder how much Ineritance Tax is on Italian Real Estate

Buying a home in Italy offers delightful experiences, from coastal vacations to rich cuisine and historic exploration. Many retirees relish the thought of sharing Italy's charm with their families...

Italy’s Self-Employed Pay Just 2% in Taxes!

Self-employed professionals in Italy enjoy significant financial advantages, including writing off up to 60% of their gross revenue for business expenses. By leveraging the "Regime Forfettario" tax...

When a Power of Attorney is Required to Buy Real Estate in Italy

When buying a vacation home in Italy, you need to be present to sign the deed of sale and have a good understanding of the Italian language. However, if you can't be in Italy or aren't fluent, a Power...

Purchasing Real Estate in Italy: What is a Notaio?

Acquiring real estate in Italy, whether it's a dream vacation home or an income-producing property, demands understanding the intricacies of the European purchasing process. Central to this is the...

How Much are Closing Fees When You Buy a Property in Italy?

Purchasing property in Italy involves more than just the asking price. Apart from the down payment, buyers encounter closing costs like agency and notary fees. Fortunately, "Invest in Italy" offers...

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